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Simnova Collaborate - Social Project Management

Allowing groups of individuals work closer together on projects by keeping track of contributions and efforts needed for a project's success.


Contribute to Simnova Collaborate

You can submit patches to Simnova Collaborate from the source code tab. Frequent patchers can be considered for the core team. If you want to join, start by adding ideas for the project under the issue tracker.

Current State

Currently efforts are focused on recording details of time applied to a project.


VisualStudio 2008
ASP.NET MVC Preview 2
SQL Server 2008 Express

How to use the time logging functionality

Instructions for using the time logger:

Starting Up
Upon opening the application it begins to accumulate time (Duration).
As time accumulates, add a Description to the task that you are currently working on.

Completing a task
Once you finished with that task, you then click Add Entry.
The system will commit the accumulated time (Duration) along with the Description to the database.

Next Task
The system automatically starts accumulating time (Duration) against the next task you are moving on to upon finishing the previous one.
You can then immediately add a Description to the current task, and once finished, click Add Entry.

Finishing Up
When leaving for the end of the day (or leaving for lunch or other break), ensure your Description is correct for the current amount of time accumulated and click Add and Close.
The system will commit the accumulated time (Duration) along with the Description to the database and close the application

You will always add the entry once you've accumulated time towards a task.

Went to lunch and forgot to click add and close? Left last night and forgot to click add and close?
If you want to clear out the accumulated (Duration), just simply click Reset Timer.

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